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Question 1: What is an oriental Tagine or Tajine?
a) casserole pot
b) water pipe
c) market place
d) steam bath
Question 2: There is an embarrassing syndrome in which a persons hand has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants! This is known as?
a) Trimanus spiritus syndrome
b) Alien hand syndrome
c) Handmotoric syndrome
d) Maradona syndrome
Question 3: In many parts of East Africa infants are given what to drink before mother's milk?
a) blood
b) honey
c) home made beer
d) Green tea
Question 4: Umlungu, Gwailo and Ferenghi are all examples of what?
a) fictional alien races
b) foreign words for westerner
c) characters in The Lord of the Rings
d) wild cats
Question 5: The crown of which New York City landmark was originally built as an airship dock?
a) Empire State Building
b) Chrysler Building
c) Statue of Liberty
d) Trump Tower
Question 6: Due to superstition, what didn't Bjorn Borg do at Wimbledon?
a) Shave
b) Brush his hair
c) Change his socks
d) Brush his teeth
Question 7: Who was the first group to be unplugged on MTV on the 13th of May, 1989?
a) Wings
b) Squeeze
c) Crowded House
d) Mike and the Mechanics
Question 8: There have been some great names over the years in sport. Here's one that stands out, Napoleon Einstein ! Fear, power and genius in one name. In which sport is Napoleon Einstein a crack?
a) Snooker
b) Football
c) Cricket
d) Ice hockey
Question 9: Which one of the following was never a modern olympic discipline?
a) tumbling
b) running deer shooting
c) horseshoe throwing
d) tug of war
Question 10: What is the only city in the world named after an olympic gold medalist, as of 2016?
a) Mark Spitz Town
b) Cassius Clay Town
c) Jesse Owens Town
d) Jim Thorpe Town

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